foam gasket

Sealing solutions customized for your application that is what RAMPF Group, Inc. is offering. Profit from our materials made of polyurethane, epoxy or silicones as well as from our meter, mix and dispensing systems. Furthermore we offer contract manufacturing for all your needs.

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RAMPF sealing systems comply with stringent quality standards and are listed by leading manufacturers in fields such as automotive and electronics industry. Leading institutes and top ranking customers have tested our materials and confirm the quality of our products:

  • IP 67, high pressure water steam jet test
  • IP 69 (10 m water depth)
  • Tests in compliance with VDA 270, 278
  • Compliance with extreme fire regulations, for instance settings of up to UL 94 HF-1 (flame-retardant) are possible
  • UL 50 E (tests for electronic devices)
  • FDA approvals (food and drug industry)
  • KTW approvals (drinking water tests)
  • Listings with leading manufacturers, for instance in the automotive
    and electronics sector